Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected with app HX9192/01 (Smart Toothbrush)

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, App, smart toothbrush, connected toothbrush, bluetooth toothbrush

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, App, smart toothbrush, connected toothbrush, bluetooth toothbrush

Your oral hygiene plays a very important part in your overall health, how can you eath healthy when you have a toothache. It is important to brush your teeth twice or even thrice daily for two minutes and floss with the night brushing. However, how will you know if you have already brushed every nook and cranny and if it is enough? All you can do is guess, well with the Philips FlexCare Platinum Connected you no longer have to guess since it will give you the data you need for your oral health. It will also give you personalized coaching and feedback on how you brush your teeth.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected is a smart toothbrush that is connected by Bluetooth wireless technology and it tracks your brushing habit in real-time through an App.

If you are using a regular toothbrush you tend to brush one portion more than the other portion and specially if we are in a hurry we brush aggressively which can wear down the enamel and gum line over time. This smart tootbrush acts like a instructor that will guide you through via the brushing app. It has sensors that can track your brushing location, pressure and technique and sends the dato to the app while you are brushing your teeth.
Just bring your smartphone with you (with the brushing App installed) and open the App. Turn on the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected and start brushing your teeth. You will then see an interactive teeth model on your App, it will tell you where to brush and how long will you need to brush it. It will also warn you if you apply too much pressure, the intuitive pressure sensor will make the toothbrush handle gently pulsate so you know exactly when to adopt a softer touch. In studies, 7 out of 10 aggressive brushers successfully reduced their brushing pressure thanks to the pressure sensor.

It has three intensity settings Low, Medium or High and three cleaning modes which are:
1. Clean - for an everyday regular cleaning
2. White - for stain removal and
3. DeepClean - for intensive cleaning.

The BrushPacer interval timer is really great since it lets you know when it's time for you to move to another part of your mouth, while the Smartimer helps you reach the dentist professional recommended brushing time of two minutes.

The brusing app will also tell you if there are any part of your mouth that requires extra cleaning so you can concentrate on them more when you brush your teeth. This is really a great product for your oral health.

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected Rechargeable Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer Price:    $188.49